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EcoVet has been busy behind the scenes, repurposing, but this time, it is our website that’s all shiny and new. By revitalizing our website, we can integrate online ordering with our in-person showroom sales and custom designed pieces. We craft all of our products by using reclaimed wood and recycled metal from decommissioned trailers. That’s the Eco part of our name. The Vet is because our team is mostly veteran. Both the trailers and the veterans are starting a new chapter in their lives at EcoVet.

Our renewed focus in this space is our conference tables and delivering sustainability from our workplace to yours. Most conference tables are similar in style, but you can customize by choosing dimensions and finishes.

Currently, we are highlighting the corporate division of our product line on our website, but we have more collections on the way. Come back to preview our restaurant tables and chairs.

Even though we are spotlighting the commercial uses of our tables, we continue to fabricate custom pieces to fill your home and office. We encourage you to visit our showroom for inspiration or bring your ideas for custom pieces to us.

Our Digital Designers

On the topic of spotlights, we want to share it with Blue Zoo, our creative partners in this project. Their team has been instrumental in helping us form and refine our vision. From photography to website functionality and content, Blue Zoo continues to help us deliver our products and message to you, our community.

When we began this overhaul, we had a goal in mind but didn’t really know how to get there. By bringing on Blue Zoo and their team, we use their expertise in project management, branding, idea generation and implementation to make our goals tangible.

What you see here is the result of a lot of collaboration between EcoVet and Blue Zoo.

Our In-House Heroes

One section of the website that is new and especially noteworthy is the Makers’ pages. As we continue to renew our vision, we want to give these guys the recognition they deserve, and the Makers page is one way to do just that.

As you look through the pictures of furniture and other fabrications, keep in mind that all these items are the result of hard work and dedication from our EcoVet Makers. These are the veterans who show up, hone their skills, and make it happen for our customers and us.

We’ll have segments of conversations posted here so you can get to know the guys who serve our country and now commit their productive hours to making furniture. You’ll catch a glimpse of their lives, and hopefully, come to understand the human side of military service.

Our Doors Are Open

Stop by and see us if you’re in the Northwest Arkansas area. For folks out of town, we can work virtually. You furnish the concept, and we’ll fabricate it. Click here for our contact information.