These people are the real champions of EcoVet. They’ve not only gone to war for our country, but they show up ready to work hard, get dirty, and most days learn something new. We’ll share their stories with you as we go along.


Reice Brummett

Reice is an Army veteran with a degree in Theatre Set Design.  As EcoVet’s designer, he loves the creative challenge of bringing the customers project to life.

Matt Gillespie

He was a Ranger qualified Cavalry Scout for 13 years and one of the first hires here at EcoVet. He’s designed most of the work that has come out of our shop and is one of the most artistic guys here. He’s a father of three, with a son in the Army.  He loves spending time with his two grand kids and can usually be found sketching out new designs or building in the shop.


Randy Richter

A retired Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant and Aerial Navigator, Randy brings a focused and disciplined approach to his work at EcoVet.  When he’s not cranking out fine woodwork in the shop, he can be found plying his home improvement skills around his home with his wife (also a retired Marine), and perfecting his cooking skills!  This South Dakota native and former Rogers Police Officer is an indispensable member to our family.

Matt McGuire

A native of Rogers, AR, this Army Ordnance and Artillery Veteran is one highly motivated woodworker.  As an outdoors enthusiast, his energetic disposition inspires excitement in his teammates as they work together to continue knocking out the finest craftsmanship around!

Bob Esposito

Bob’s a Viet Nam Era veteran and a wealth of knowledge and experience for the company.  He tackles some of our most difficult custom designs with expert efficiency.

Ty Yell

Ty is our one and only Coast Guard Veteran and a valuable member of our metal shop.  He’s a great influence on all of us as he stays positive even when the pressure is on.

Brice Chandler

Brice is our resident dining table expert.  Seriously, he’ll build you a table so beautiful and perfect that you’ll be afraid to use it in case it gets scratched! Seriously though, he’s a great addition to our team, and is always ready to lend a hand.

Chewy Vera

Chewy is an unstoppable force of creative know-how!  Having been with the company for a few years, he’s the go to guy for imaginative solutions.

Tony Esposito

Tony is our lead paint and stain man. He puts the finishing touches on all our products and ensures that nothing leaves our shop that isn’t up to our highest standards.

Chris Landis

Do you know a better woodworker than Chris? No, you don’t. This guy hammers out everything from cutting boards to display racks to custom beds with inspired competence!

Zach Reynolds

At 22 years old, Zach is the youngest member of our EcoVet family.  He’s a magnificent welder and keeps the fun rolling as a man who’s cheerful in all weathers and never short to task.

Kenyell Robinson

We would be absolutely lost without this man.  As our resident demo expert, Kenyell can turn a tractor trailer into an organized pile of lumber and angle iron faster than a team of ten.

Paul Webb

When it comes to sanding and finishing, you’ll find no finer than our very own Paul.  You could literally roll a marble with zero deviation down one of his projects.

Caleb Hudson

Caleb is an Army veteran and a highly skilled metal worker.  His creative approach and can-do attitude motivates his team-mates every day.


Matt Davis

A former flight deck crew leader, now pursuing an MBA, he is a painter/finisher for EcoVet. He uses his painting skills outside of EcoVet to help friends and restore furniture.


Steven McDonald

Marine turned wood fabricator; he is the commander of the “Quiet Corner” of EcoVet’s shop. His hero is Neil Degrasse Tyson because of Tyson’s role in astrophysics.


Colin Jones

Navy cook with a degree in culinary nutrition; now in wood fabrication. He’s always wanted to be in the furniture industry thanks to his father’s hobby of restoring antiques.


Marc Jordan

He’s a former Army Linguist and a Boston Mass native whose well developed attention to detail makes him a wildly useful addition to our woodworking team.  When he’s not thumping out fine dining tables, he’s perfecting his culinary skills at home with his wife and twins!


Josh Peacock

Josh is the foreman and supervisor in charge of operations at EcoVet.  His proudest moment was the day they built the first Adirondack chair, unintentionally changing the company’s focus forever.